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The distinctive advantages which Rendy S Productions bring to these enterprises are:

• Experience in this market. Rendani Sikhwivhilu has over 7 years of hands-on experience in writing and producing radio voiceovers and narrations.

• Sophistication in distribution. Using today’s and tomorrows technologies to receive, produce and deliver finished products is a major advantage. This results in being quick the quick turnaround supplier in many time sensitive yet somewhat isolated markets.

• High quality, low price, Rendy S Production’s rates are below the national rate in the market, while the quality and service exceeds expectations.


The only competition at this time comes from announcers of radio stations working as freelancers, using either their employers studio or working with one of the above independent production facilities.


Rendy.S Productions is an audio production business, providing audio for radio commercials with both industrial and sales narrations, audio and/or audio training and telephone holding message service Read more

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    There are three basic areas Rendy.S Productions intends to expand upon and/or venture into. Read more

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    Rendani Sikhwivhilu has worked on radio documentaries and provided sound system and produced and managed festivals with the following: Read more