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Rendi.s Production - Operation

Productions and Narrations

Modern high-quality, high-tech systems give Rendy S Productions the capabilities to:

Receive a script by fax or email.
Consult on the script by telephone.
Record the job.
Preview the job with the customer by telephone.
Deliver the finished product.

Technology exists today to deliver finished audio productions on computer disk or by modem. However, many stations, agencies and production facilities are not yet equipped to support this type of transfer. Modem delivery would shift delivery costs from supplier to customer.


Rendy.S Productions is an audio production business, providing audio for radio commercials with both industrial and sales narrations, audio and/or audio training and telephone holding message service Read more

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  • What We Do

    There are three basic areas Rendy.S Productions intends to expand upon and/or venture into. Read more

  • What We've Done

    Rendani Sikhwivhilu has worked on radio documentaries and provided sound system and produced and managed festivals with the following: Read more