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Productions and Narrations

Although Radio Stations, advertising agencies and production houses and individual businesses have contacted Rendy.S Productions to provide voice-overs and narrations, so far Rendy.S Productions has never committed time to promote these services to others.

Growth opportunities exist in providing quality voice-over services to small and medium market producers. This is simple an expansion of present operations, combined with identifying and contacting new users of produced audio and selling them to the idea of major-market quality with fast turnaround and efficient service.

There are three basic areas Rendy.S Productions intends to expand upon and/or venture into:

Area One: Production and Narratives
Radio Audio with effects.
Scriptwriting and translations.
Producing specialist programs.
Sales and Industrial Narrations.
Licensing brand voices of station presenters.
Radio and TV Promos.
Public Service Announcements.
Voice overs.

Area Two: Documentaries and Magazines
Production of radio magazines and documentaries depending on the customer specifications.
The potential customer that can commission such documentaries will be government departments and SABC.

Area Three: Adverts and Public Service Announcements
Advertisements used by businesses and institutions daily.
Public service announcements are generally used by government departments to send messages to the public.


Rendy.S Productions is an audio production business, providing audio for radio commercials with both industrial and sales narrations, audio and/or audio training and telephone holding message service Read more

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    There are three basic areas Rendy.S Productions intends to expand upon and/or venture into. Read more

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